Welcome to the largest Blood Donors portal for the UAE. Official launch on 21 June 2015
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Official Launch of Blood Donors Portal

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The Official Launch of the Blood Donors UAE portal on the 14th of June 2015. The largest...


Eligibilty Criteria:

World Health Organisation(WHO) blood safety guidelines specify that blood donations should be 100% voluntary and unpaid. It also specifies certain guidelines regardingr the donors. For donating blood, one :

  1. Should be healthy
  2. Should be of age between 17 years to 65 years
  3. Should weigh at least 50 Kg (110 pounds)
  4. If you have chronic health conditions like asthma, high BP or diabetes, the health will be assessed by the trained personnel to determine your eligibility

Further, you should not have donated within the specific period depending on the type of donation planned:

  1. Whole Blood donation : 3 months
  2. Platelet donation : 1 week
  3. Plasma donation : 1 month
  4. Double Red cell donation: 4 months

You are not eligible to donate blood frequently if you:

  1. Have ever used self-injected drugs (non-prescription).
  2. Have ever had hepatitis B or hepatitis C.
  3. Are in a high-risk group for AIDS.
  4. Are a diabetic on medication.

You are not eligible to donate blood if you:

  1. Are sick (cold, flu, sore throat or diarrhoea).
  2. Have taken antibiotics within the last five days.
  3. Have had dental work within the last three days.
  4. Are anemic (Iron Def. Anaemia).
  5. Are pregnant.
  6. Have had any ear/body piercings, or have had a tattoo, within the last year.
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