Welcome to the largest Blood Donors portal for the UAE. Official launch on 21 June 2015

Welcome to the online portal for blood donors in the UAE.

This free portal helps you identify the potential donors of all the blood groups including the rarest of the rare ones and that too nearest to your home. Simply search for your required blood group, sift through the results, call them on their mobile numbers displayed. This is designed to make your difficult situation much simpler.

Blood is vital for life and there is no substitute for human blood. The rapid growth in blood demand is proportionate to the fast growing population of the UAE and its growing healthcare facilities. There is an ongoing need for blood, be it due to accidents, trauma or diseases like thalasssemia and it must be met every day. Many a times, the demand for blood is much higher than the collections. The seasonal blood shortage occurs in the holy month of Ramadan and through the summer holiday and the requirement is sometimes very critical to sustain life. That is where identification of the potential donor and quick response from willing people is very important.

Distribution of Blood Groups


The Negative Blood groups are rare (16%)  and rarest blood group is AB Negative (just 1%) making it very important for donors with such blood groups to be identified quickly


Compatibilty between Blood Groups


People with O Negative Blood group can donate to all other Blood types (Universal Donor).


People with AB Postive Blood group can receive from all other Blood types (Universal Recipient).




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